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Every Wednesday we will have a little chit chat about something..Anything and everything.If you have suggestions I would like to see them in the comments bellow.

Sooooo today’s topic is MY CURLY HAIR.

Annoying,nerve wracking,with their own personality and so annoying.OH also annoying!!!

Well, in my case I have a long hair story that starts when I was three years old.My hair was curly as hell!My mom loved it so she did’t want to get them cut till I was three.I didn’t use any hair product back those days.



ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ0176 (2)

At the age of seven to twelve my hair deside to get strait at  the top and have little waves at the bottom.Well,that did’t bother me that time..I was not worried about my appearance so all I knew it was a really tight ponytail to get my hair out of my face.Also, I didn’t use any hair product except my shampoo,not even conditioner.


ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ1048 (1) (2)


Suddenly ,at the age of thirteen my hair started to get curly as hell again.It was that time that I stoped gimnastics and my hair didn’t bother me anymore and it didn’t need to be so tight on a pony or a bun..So,I was wearing them a lot down. I was in puberty and as you can undersand I cared a lot  about my arpearance that time so I didn’t want to look like a crazy clown that get lost on his way to the party.That time I started to use hairstyle products,silicone(freez them more than ever) ,hairsprays and all that stuff.But the freez didn’t stop.It was getting worst and worst.The only way to get rid of the freez it was to straighten them.Τhank god for my benefit my mother did’t allow me to straighten them as much as I wanted to.Maybe once or twice a year.I am so glad for that because my hair are really stringy and sensitive..I don’t want to think how bad they whould look If she was letting me burn them.

SDC10507 (2)


A year ago my hair were freeze every time I got out of the shower.I had to put a ton of mush to look decent and I just didn’t want to.So much chemicals for no reason.So I did a lot of research and in the end I started to use sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner.The sulfate just made my hair dryer and dryer and the silicones that conditioners have were stuck on my hair and didn’t let the moist get in.Now I think I found my go to sampoo and conditioner that i can’t go wrong with them.At the winter some mush is needed because I can’t use cold water to wash my hair as I do at the summer but the mush situation is under control now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20150401_163229 (2)












I am soooo happy with the results and I wanted to share my experience with you as there are a lot curly girls out there!!I’ll link some videos that I got inspired and also my shampoo and conditioner!I hope you have a nice day!Byeeee

SHAMPOO: http://www.cherrybox.gr/fresh-line-erato-repairing-moisturising-hair-wash-for-damaged-and-dehydrated-hair-200-ml

CONDITIONER: http://www.garnierusa.com/products/haircare/triple-nutrition/conditioner/triple-nutrition-conditioner-13oz.aspx










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